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Before he could fulfill his dream as a working photographer, Mike had to make sure there were no other careers for him.  He worked at a law firm. At a check printing facility. He waited tables. Umpired baseball games. Taught hockey lessons. He even rescued a neighbor from their 14th story balcony once, using a crowbar and the burning desire to actually use a crowbar, that only a crowbar owner can understand.

Armed with the ability to litigate, print a paycheck and call balls and strikes, Mike decided it was time to revisit photography, enrolling at Columbia College in Chicago.  He won a few awards.  He won a grant.  He attended a prestigious portfolio review. He never again waited tables - but would.

With an eye for capturing light, and a reverence for design, Mike has applied his signature visual style to campaigns for Lexus, Ford, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Viceroy Hotels, Allstate Insurance, Leo Burnett, Wieden + Kennedy, The Art Institute of Chicago, and other premium brands and agencies.

When Mike's not taking photos, he's traveling, playing hockey and searching for his new favorite restaurant.